Tiktoks Pipeworks: Known locally simply as the Pipeworks, Tiktoks Pipworks is an extreme park in the heart of Emerald City with a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean. It is known for the 26 ft Full Pipe that dominates it, but comes with an impressive array of features designed with input from Tony Hawk and several other extreme sport celebrities. Other notable features of the park include a street course, 2 11-foot bowls, 3 4-foot bowls, and many ledges, banks, rails and lines.

Catering to more than just skateboarders, it also has a jogging track, a pond where people can feed the ducks, a large green space with plenty of park benches and picnic spots, and a large Pagoda that is rented out for concerts, weddings and parties.

On weekdays it is a favorite lunch spot for people from the nearby businesses. On weekends the Pagoda is rented out for weddings, birthdays and other parties
It is a regular stop now for many Extreme Sports events and has hosted the X Games several times. The Pipeworks is always busy from May through October.

Hours are from 6:00 am till 11:00pm.

James “Tiktok” Melendez (“Fantastic Food served with Flair”): Dispensing equal parts advice, jokes, and satirical commentary along with tacos, fajitas, falafels and gyros , James has been known as Tiktok ever since Pro Skater Phillip “Birdie” Hughes commented on live television that “Tiktok here makes the best Gyros I have ever had.” James is a round bellied hippie with a graying ponytail and a handlebar mustache. He can be found here most days rain or shine.

Li “Leo” Chen: Leo is a 14 year old high school student that aspires to become the next X-Games superstar. He snowboards during the winter and skateboards in the summer. He is the local champion of the pipeworks and has been approached by a few sponsors already. Tiktok is impressed with his technique, and has secretly put the word out to that here is someone to watch in a few years.

Leo can be found with his skateboard almost anywhere in town, but is often seen here at the Pipeworks.


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