The Comfortable Camel Bookstore

The Comfortable Camel Bookstore: The Comfortable Camel is a bookstore on Yellow Brick Row that was at the center of the Silver Storm last year. The shop full of nooks and crannies bursting with all types of books. Every time you turn a corner, there is another section you have never seen filled with comfortable couches and loungers where bibliophiles can browse without interruption. No matter how many times a person goes in to the shop, there always seems to be a new corner section that has just the book you are looking for.

The fact of the matter is that the owner, Eddie Waznoski, acquired a little magic during the Silver Storm and so has his shop. His love of books and desire to help people has been imbued into the Comfortable Camel itself, making it almost sentient. It has become much larger on the inside than the outside and will move sections around to help customers find what they need, or to hinder the search. If it likes you, you will always find something you are looking for. If it does not, the section you need will never be where you think. If one searches long enough, the shop itself will bring the desired book to where the shopper can find it or keep it from you.

Eddie Waznoski: Eddie Waznoski looks like a tall, aging version of the Doors front man. He is 6’7 with squinting eyes and a stooped posture he has gotten due to the hours he has spent pouring over old books in bad light. Eddie is an expert on a wide range of topics, and if it is not something he already knows, give him a few hours to do the research and he will be an expert on it.

Ever since the Silver Storm, Eddie has been able to recall anything he has ever read. He also has other versatile abilities dealing with technology and space/time. He has kept quiet about it because of the fallout other Stormers have suffered.

The Comfortable Camel Bookstore

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