Character Creation

The basic idea behind gathering the PCs together is that in the wake of the Tellax affair outlined in the Emerald City Knights set of adventures, the hero community now knows a galactic-level threat is on its way to Earth. The Freedom League has expanded its membership drastically in response to this upcoming threat and places “teams” in strategic locations around North America. The PCs are members of the League who have been placed in Emerald City. They are replacing the previous set of heroes that resided in the city, a corporate-sponsored group that ultimately failed to gel as a team or work out for, well, a variety of reasons. The first anniversary of the Silver Storm event is fast approaching and the city is still feeling the growing pains from all of the changes and additions that have occurred in the intervening time.

Since the PCs represent a cross-section of the hero community, they aren’t built to identical points and PLs. Instead, PL and PP are generated randomly as follows: Roll 2d20 and apply the two results as you choose to the tables below.

D20 Roll PL D20 Roll PP
1 or 2 9 1 PL Base – 15
3 to 7 10 2 or 3 PL Base – 10
8 to 13 11 4 or 5 PL Base – 5
14 to 18 12 6 to 10 PL Base
|19 or 20
13 11 to 20 PL Base + [(Roll-10)*5]

For example, Andi rolls a ‘12’ and a ‘14’ and chooses to apply them in that order, meaning her character will be PL 11 and built on 165 + [(14-10)*5] = 185 pp.

Players are not required to roll up their characters as per the GM Kit random tables but can use them as a resource if so desired.

For a second example, Andi can’t quite make up her mind about what she wants to play and decides to use the tables for inspiration, rolling twice and getting Warrior and Weather-Controller as her results. She ultimately make a Warrior (aquatic), upping the combat traits to raise her one PL above the tables’ result, and then adds a Device in the form of a trident that grants her a number of the Weather Controller’s powers. Her PC is a hand-picked Atlantean representative to the League codenamed “Sea Witch” and sent by her people to aid in the upcoming struggle.

Character Creation

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