cold based speedster


Coldfront – PL 10

Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 4, Dexterity 3, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 2

Defensive Roll 3, Improved Initiative 3, Instant Up, Move-by Action

Acrobatics 4 (8), Athletics 8 (10), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (10), Deception 6 (8), Expertise: Archaeology 8 (8), Perception 9 (10), Ranged Combat: Thrown 7 (10), Technology 6 (6)

Fast Attack
Damage: Strength-based Damage 5 (DC 22; Multiattack, Selective)
Multiple Effects
Burst Area Strength Effect (Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Selective)
Damage: Strength-based Burst Area Damage 3 (DC 20; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere)
Strength Effect (Multiattack, Selective)
Fast Defense: Enhanced Trait 22 (Traits: Dodge 11 (15), Parry 11 (15))
Kinetic Draining
Freeze ’em in Place: Snare 6 (DC 16)
Ice Blast: Blast 10 (DC 25)
Momentum Transfer: Perception Area Move Object 10 (25 tons; Perception Area; Limited: To throwing target away from user, Reduced Range: close)
Run On Water: Movement 1 (Water Walking 1: you sink if stopped; Limited: While Moving)
Run Up Walls: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2: full speed; Limited: While Moving)
Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 3 (Advantages: Improved Initiative 3)
Quickness: Quickness 10 (Perform routine tasks in -10 time ranks)
Speed: Speed 15 (Speed: 64000 miles/hour, 120 miles/round)

Initiative +16
Damage: Strength-based Burst Area Damage 3 (DC 20)
Damage: Strength-based Damage 5, +4 (DC 22)
Freeze ’em in Place: Snare 6, +3 (DC Dog 16)
Grab, +4 (DC Spec 12)
Ice Blast: Blast 10, +3 (DC 25)
Momentum Transfer: Perception Area Move Object 10 (DC 20)
Throw, +10 (DC 17)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 17)

Native Language

Dodge 15/4, Parry 15/4, Fortitude 10, Toughness 5/2, Will 10

Power Points
Abilities 36 + Powers 95 + Advantages 5 + Skills 27 (54 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 180


Alexander Ross
28 year old Archeologist. Collage was tough on the very OCD kid who hates change, and things being out of place. That’s were his love for History came in, history don’t change. His professors hated showing up to class to find he rearranges their desks in a better more logical fashions, or chairs lined in perfect rows. There revenge was to send him to the Antarctic to dig in the ice far away from anyone his OCD could bug. The theory of an ice age that covered the world after the dinosaurs, than retracted to the poles taking some evidence with the flows, was proven to have some weight with several finds.
One find was ancient relic, or alien artifact that seemed to suck all the surrounding heat of the area in to it. During study of this find, on the coldest reported night, it began to vibrate until it exploded with the energy going in to his body.
Average build. Black hair until he runs the underside of white is seen. Dresses in blues and whites. Wears a long coat. And when he talks his cold breath is seen, that’s why he wears the bandana pulled over his mouth in the old west style.
If you want a clean house invite him over, he dislikes things to be out of order. Hates change, and feels history should be preserved even the bad parts.
Responsibility, Obsession (history) new to crime fighting I would like an enemy, like a time traveling type person who likes messing with history.


Emerald CIty Miller