Chad Stewart

Motocross rider for Yamaha and Jeremy "The Jolt" Johnson's Nemesis


Chad Stewart

Chad Phillip Stewart is an elite motocross and supercross racer and is arguably the most consistent supercross/motocross racer in the 2000 – 2009 decade. Stewart began competing at a young age after his father was promoted to Lead designer of Marstech’s Advanced Design Laboratory Office in Melbourne, Australia. Chad Stewart quickly developed a love of fast motorcycles that is still evident today.

After a few years of honing his skills on 80s, Chad’s career really started in 1997 when he took the top spot at the East Junior Championship in the 125cc class on the Martech sponsored Suzuki RM125. Stewart was given a spot on Marstech’s professional team in 1998, competing in the 250cc class. He was immediately competitive in both motocross and supercross.

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Chad Stewart

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